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About iVenture

Where We Came From, Where We’re Going

iVenture Solutions was born from the realization that IT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In 2000, CEO Gray Mabry and President Mark Schnitzius founded iVenture to fill that missing piece.

As the premier managed service provider for small and medium companies, we’ve seen what excellent IT does for business. We’re driven to give everyone that advantage.

Over the decades, we honed the three practices that make superior IT service. They’re our bread and butter.

  • Right People
  • Reduce Chaos
  • Rapid Response

We put culture first. This commitment benefits our clients. Learn how ►

iVenture gives you more time to do what matters most. Whether that’s running your business or getting home on time, we make sure IT doesn’t hold you back.

Here’s what businesses like yours have to say about iVenture.

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Rapid Response

Others hit roadblocks.
We're built for speed.

11 minute average response time
from our live-answer team, compared
to an industry average of 3-7 hours

We put systems in place to move quickly and efficiently. This allows us to solve problems faster, without wasting time. Speed is built into every iVenture response plan. It’s not an afterthought.

Our front line specializes in 16 core issues to resolve or escalate your IT needs quickly
3 offices across Florida to provide your team with friendly service, onsite and online

Reduce Chaos

Others react to the immediate need.
We solve the deeper problem.

50% reduction in downtime and
interruption once you start with us

Our in-depth solutions permanently end the IT-related chaos, giving you back more time. We get ahead of current challenges by digging deep and solving the root cause.

200+ point onboarding checklist to act as a foundation for solutions
We have a 97.9% client satisfaction rating for 12,000+ devices for 9,500+ happy users

Right People

Others hire on skill set.
We hire on mindset.

140+ technical staff
with 200+ technical certifications

We go beyond the resume by looking for motivated people ready to serve and learn. Our employees stay longer, care more and are hard-wired to help others.

Average of 12 months of technical and culture training
Average employee stays 4 years at iVenture so they get to know and treat your business like it’s their own

Take the first step to a better, business-friendly IT service. We’ll show you how.

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