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Back To Normal: What Business Leaders Need To Know About IT

Here’s what business owners need to know about returning to normal work. IT will play a major part in that transition. Consider these thoughts.

What Business Leaders Need To Know About IT 2020

What’s the worst part of this transition to remote work? The fact you’ll have to do it all over again when things get back to normal.

So where should you start? As a business leader, you’re thinking about the entire company. We’re here to make the IT part a little easier.

Here’s what you should consider:

1. Can My IT Company Handle This Or Do I Have To?

This should be your IT company’s responsibility. If they haven’t discussed with you already, give them a call. They should check your service-level agreement and provide a clear answer.

2. How Much Money Will This Cost?

It depends on your agreement plan. For example, our Full Complete plan includes unlimited support so you won’t pay anything extra. Check with your IT company. You may be able to upgrade to a more inclusive plan.

3. How Can I Minimize Downtime?

Strategize with your IT company. Determine if everyone should return at once or in phases. Start with which employees/departments need to return first. Make that transition, revise where needed, then copy and paste for the next group of employees.

4. How To Work With Staff Needs?

Some of your staff may need to work remote longer. It’s important to be flexible during this time. Be sure your IT team is flexible too. Get assurance that they’re equipped to manage both remote and onsite employees.

5. How Can I Make This Easier in the Future?

Technology continuity planning. It should be baked into your business continuity plan. Work through hypothetical situations — hurricanes, flooding, power outages — with your IT provider. They should educate you on best practices.

Ideally, your IT partner should answer these questions already. If not, it may be time for a second opinion. Let’s talk about your specific transition plan today. 

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