How To Get Cybersecurity Started Today

If you know the what, when and who of cybersecurity, it’s time to focus on how.As in how can you take the strategies of cybersecurity and turn them in action?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 things you can easily start today.

1. Change your passwords

  • Make each one uniquely different
  • 8+ characters with a symbol, number, lowercase letter and capital letter. 

2. Schedule when to change your passwords

  • Make it a regular habit

3. Use secure password managers

4. Get suspicious of email senders

  • Don’t trust the ‘FROM:’ in an email
  • It’s better to call and check if you’re concerned

5. Double check everything

  • Especially if someone asks for your credentials, financial information or personal information 
  • Call that person to confirm it isn’t spoofing

6. Turn off automatic HTTP redirects


7. Don’t ‘Sign in’ to your social media sites from random websites

  • The site may be recording your username and password

8. Check links before you click

  • Hold your cursor over a link it will typically tell you where the link goes

9. Keep your computer software updated


10. Be wary of who’s calling you about a computer issue

  • Most of these are scams —don’t let them onto your computer

11. Ensure your browser is using the newest version 



  • If a scammy pop-up announces you have a virus, don’t click anything
  • Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to close out the browser 

13. Install programs like Adblocker

  • They prevent or mitigate dangerous pop-ups from the web

14. Avoid public hotspots whenever possible

  • Never allow ‘auto-connect

15. Reach out to a qualified IT provider today 

  • They can guide you through everything
  • You can focus on your business while they protect you

    Training Your Staff on Cybersecurity
    Learn who to teach and how to do it.

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