IT Tales: Is Your Service Suspicious?

Working with someone long enough, you start to learn their quirks and adapt accordingly. People do the same thing with technology.

We overlook how slowly our computer loads email or ignore the finicky WiFi because it’s the only way to work.
Pretty soon, poor IT becomes the norm. You might even forget how annoying it is. Until something wake you up.
Perhaps it’s a new coworker complaining about the WiFi. Maybe it’s an article on the internet. Is there something better out there?
Feeling suspicious of your IT service is a red flag. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t have to settle. The first step is to look at the type of IT provider you work with. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

The Fixer

Also known as a trunk slammer. This IT provider is a solo act that may be a friend of the boss. They lack the resources to truly support you, instead opting to put band-aids on problems.

The One-man Island

Your one-person IT department who’s in charge of everything. And they don’t have the capacity to handle it. They’re doing their best, but problems keep piling up.

The In-house Team

A functioning multi-person department at your company. They’re managing reactive issues well. But it’s at the cost of proactive planning and strategy.

The Subpar MSP

They talked a big game and were affordable too. What they didn’t tell you is that hidden fees and upcharges for bad service are how they make money.

Each of these IT providers may start off great. But sooner or later, the issues will come and you’ll be the one affected most.

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