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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Ransomware is Everywhere

Ransomware has evolved from the first so-called AIDS Trojan in…

Ransomware has evolved from the first so-called AIDS Trojan in 1989 to a worldwide weapon. For hackers, it’s an effective tool to intimidate and blackmail victims. And it’s taking over more than just your personal computer. Take a look at these recent cases then learn how to stop ransomware from reaching you.


Ukraine’s Boryspil International Airport recently fell victim to ransomware. Hit by the notorious Petya virus, Boryspil’s critical departure boards and computers went down. This left the country’s largest airport with no access to flight schedules and navigational paths.

That’s not the only example. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was hit too. The ransomware entered a computer in the city’s government building and spread across the network. This led to America’s busiest airport shutting down it’s entire public WiFi.

Key takeaway: segmenting your networks can prevent ransomware from spreading across your entire business.


Train systems like Deutsche Bahn aren’t so safe either. When the German railway company was hit with WannaCry, ransom messages appeared on train station screens. These hackers demanded hundreds of dollars to unlock computers. They even threatened to delete files altogether.

Train attacks offer an important lesson: don’t mix outdated and new technology. Not only will old tech create security weaknesses, the new tech won’t work at 100%. It’s perfect for hackers to exploit.


Smart cars are the future, right? Well, for all their innovation, security is critically lacking. This leaves dangerous opportunities for hackers.

Although no smart car attack has happened yet, ransomware is scarily easy to deploy. One company put it to test. They simulated a ransomware attack and successfully took control of a speedometer!

Take that idea and imagine ransomware spreading to the locks, the wheel, the temperature and radio knobs, even the windows. It’s not hard to imagine an attacker keeping you hostage until you pay up.

You can’t expect vendors to care about security. Do due diligence and make sure you’re partnering with security-minded companies.

Prevent Ransomware From Reaching You

If ransomware can attack these giant industries, what’s protecting your business? Here’s how to protect against ransomware or avoid it at all costs.

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