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From frustration to satisfaction

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The Company

The Bailey Group provides insurance, benefits, and financial strategies to companies and employees throughout the United States.  Named one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Florida by the Jacksonville Business Journal, the Bailey Group holds true to its mission:  “Life. You live it. We’ll protect it.”

The Challenge

According to Operations Officer Deborah Croft, the Bailey Group had been working well with an IT vendor for about eight years until the vendor ran into difficulty:  it didn’t have the manpower to manage the Bailey Group’s growth.  The Bailey Group tried a different local provider, and discovered, as Croft puts it, that “sometimes providers overstate how many people they actually have working for them.” In this case, it turned out that there were only two people working directly for the vendor.  That small staff led to a whole host of new problems for the Bailey Group added on top of their existing ones.

There was a lack of responsiveness and follow-up on tickets.  Associates at the Bailey Group were, Croft says, “chasing down solutions repeatedly.  Resolution was never occurring.  The problems would repeat again and again and again.”  Ultimately, she notes, the company ended up with a significant amount of lost time, “and all the operational costs and inefficiencies that result from that.”

The Solution

The Bailey Group called on iVenture.  “Their stability won us over,” Croft says.  “When they said, ‘We will be the last IT provider you will ever have to hire,’ that was music to my ears.” Within weeks, iVenture had a dedicated team engaged with the Bailey Group, the company’s systems assessed, and brought them into the fold of good managed IT with a full slate of managed services.

What changed?  “Everything,” Croft says.  “The responsiveness and the resolution of problems.  My associates don’t have to use their pocket IT degrees any more.  For the first time in a long time, it felt like our technology was being managed rather than our technology managing us.”

The Return

With The Bailey Group’s IT in good shape, Croft feels well-positioned for future growth, the very issue that had sent them hunting for a new IT provider in the first place.  She remarked on feeling she has a “stable partner” for that growth because “iVenture invests in the right people and processes” so that she can trust them in a way she couldn’t with other IT providers.

“They’re a partner with us, and you can’t say that about everybody.  I truly feel like they’re a partner who cares as much as I do about getting it right for my associates.  I want that kind of support for our staff.  They deal with enough obstacles already in our own industry.”

Croft added that those interactions between iVenture’s staff and the Bailey Group’s associates are a key feature of building that trust.  “Their associates are always consistent, polished, friendly, and helpful.  Every encounter I’ve had with them is a positive experience, even if the solution isn’t available right away.  I’ve never had a frustrating experience with them—how often can you say that in a customer service environment?”

“For the first time in a long time, it felt like our technology was being managed rather than our technology managing us.”

Deborah Croft
Operations Officer
The Bailey Group

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