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The Company

Weston is a property insurance company specializing in wind-only coverage for both residential and non-residential properties.  Featuring an executive team with nearly 100 years of combined experience, the company was founded in 2011 to address the lack of available, cost-effective wind-only coverage in Florida after the state-funded entity, Citizens Insurance, began looking for insurers to take over its customers’ policies.

The Challenge

Weston Insurance was looking for a highly reliable, fully managed system that was available anytime, anywhere, from any device. Selecting a managed services provider that had redundant hosting facilities was important since Weston has to be able to provide service to its policy holders in the wake of hurricanes and severe storm conditions that sometimes prevail in Florida.

According to current Director of Technology Brad Whitfield, Weston’s first CIO had a good relationship with iVenture from their work together at a different company, so that gave the company’s principals the confidence that they were making the right choice for an IT partner. Since Weston was a start-up, iVenture had to build the IT environment from scratch.

The Solution

iVenture provided an end-to-end cloud and virtual desktop work environment for all of Weston’s staff to give them the flexibility they needed, and also made sure their phone systems were up to snuff.  Whitfield explains, “Our job is to protect and support people in times of storms.  If something happens, we can be up and running quickly in the cloud, thanks to iVenture.”  During such storms, Weston uses a motor home to reach their clients and to access its iVenture infrastructure via satellite.

“iVenture is very responsive,” Whitfield says.  “They take work off of me so I can focus on my areas of expertise.  I can leave the servers and worries about capacity and desktop maintenance to them.  I don’t have to worry about our IT infrastructure.”

More recently, iVenture helped Weston move smoothly into new offices.  “My team at iVenture made sure we were ready.  We took our system down on a Friday, moved to the new building, and we were up and running on Saturday.  None of our end users experienced any downtime,” notes Whitfield.

The Return

Weston is well-positioned for future growth.  “We hope to continue growing and expand into other states,” Whitfield says. “iVenture has set us up to be able to respond quickly as our office staff, our client base, and our server space needs expand.”

That confidence is built in part on the relationships between people at the two companies.  “iVenture is very team-oriented, and they’re always doing what they can to help,” Whitfield says of his dedicated iVenture team, who even go so far as to sometimes help Weston’s vendors with technical problems.  “I’ve had vendors call up and say, ‘We’re having a problem with our phone network, and I say, ‘I can’t help you with that, but hang on’,” and Whitfield calls iVenture to consult with the vendor.  That level of trust is reflective of the way the iVenture team “really looks out for our interests,” almost, Whitfield says, as if they were employees of Weston.

"iVenture is very responsive. They take work off of me so I can focus on my areas of expertise. I can leave the servers and worries about capacity and desktop maintenance to them. I don’t have to worry about our IT infrastructure."

Brad Whitfield
Director of Technology
Weston Insurance Management, LLC

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