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Public & Private Cloud

Not only do we offer our own private iVenture cloud, we work seamlessly with public clouds including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The best part is your freedom to choose what works best.


The iVenture Private Cloud
Our private cloud gives your business security, reliability and scalability without the need to purchase expensive hardware upfront.


  • Securely access your systems and data from anywhere, anytime and from any device
  • Flexible architecture to accommodate a variety of business applications
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive hardware and software purchases
  • Integration with public cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS)

The Technical Side

  • Enterprise class cloud infrastructure fully owned and managed by iVenture
  • Secure and reliable hosting facility with redundant power, HVAC, fire suppression, 24x7x365 security
  • Flexibility to receive direct fiber connections from most major carriers
  • Citrix-delivered virtual desktops for a uniform and modern end-user experience
  • Subscription options for popular software titles like Citrix, Microsoft Office, Project, Visio, SQL, etc
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