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Demands on IT providers are put to an all-time test when normal work is disrupted. While the world is moving towards remote options in the face of COVID-19, we recognize the important role comprehensive IT plays in supporting your vital infrastructure. We are here to keep your technology up and running to ensure your business can operate as normally as possible during this unusual time.

Twenty years of experience have enabled us to develop robust business continuity plans that allow us to seamlessly keep the promises we make to you. 

Here’s how we’re responding to the current demands for IT help:

  • There’s a lot of uncertainty in the face of a global emergency. Our team has handled a 70% increase in volume in stride, keeping up a rapid response without a drop-off in service.   
  • Making the switch to a new IT provider can be a tough choice. We have taken steps to reduce chaos around the switch by equipping our team to help you get set up, even when you can’t be in your office.
  • We care about your business as if it was our own. We hire on mindset, finding the right people who are geared to provide expert service when people need it the most.

Let us help answer your questions. Get a second opinion on your technology setup now.

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View our statement to clients: Business Continuity for Coronavirus ►

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