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Managed Services

Reduced Chaos, Improved Business 

True managed services means local, person-to-person support that lives up to its promises. No bait-and-switch tactics here. What we say is what we deliver, guaranteed.

Do these issues sound familiar to you?

  • My IT department or company is too busy. I’ve resorted to fixing issues on my own because they don’t have the capacity
  • I spend too much time on IT support issues. I have to follow up all the time and nothing is ever truly fixed
  • My IT person left and now my company is stuck
  • I’m not sure if we’re making the right IT investments
  • I was promised one price, but now I keep getting invoices for more and more
  • I’m not really sure if I’m secure, and I’m not getting straight answers


If you can relate, it’s time for true business-friendly IT.

We’ve got a special formula to fight IT problems ⁠— we’ve made them our brand promises.

Rapid Response

  • We answer when you call
  • We take action immediately

Reduce Chaos

  • We lessen workflow interruptions
  • We minimize business downtime

Right People

  • We hire for culture fit first
  • We promote from within

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Above-average companies deserve above-average IT. We provide a higher standard of managed services through:

  • Direct access to professional IT experts
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Optional private cloud hosting
  • Hourly local backups & nightly offsite backup
  • Unlimited remote & onsite technical support
  • Hardware & software support
  • After-hours emergency teams
  • Technology continuity planning

Whether you need full support or an extra boost to your own IT team, we work with your needs. 

Say goodbye to frustrating service, second guessing and overworked staff. Say hello to iVenture. 

Sound good? Contact us to make it happen.

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